Managed Services

FoneBee provides the following Managed Services:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • SIP Trunking
  • Skype Integration
  • Various customizations

Business VoIP Service Plans

FONEBEE specializes in VoIP Service for Business. Our Service Plan provides your company with the following:

Plan Coverage

  • Call anywhere in the Continental US and Canada using our Business VoIP Communication Network.
  • Unlike most local telephone service providers, FONEBEE provides local and local-long distance minutes within the continental US as a bundle within your VoIP plan.
  • If usage exceeds plan coverage, a charge of 2.9 cents per minute applies.

Telephone Number

  • Keep your existing number!
  • We can port your existing telephone number.

Additional Telephone Number

  • Add additional phone numbers from any area code of your choice

E911 Support

  • E911 calls can still be made locally with our Business VoIP.

Disaster Recovery Routing

  • In the event your broadband internet connection is disrupted we can route your calls to other locations and devices of your choice.

Domestic Rates

VoIP SMB-2500 2500 Minutes, W/1 LOCAL NUMBER (US & CANADA) $47.00/mo
VoIP SMB-5000 5000 Minutes, W/1 LOCAL NUMBER (US & CANADA) $108.00/mo
VoIP SMB-10000 10000 Minutes, W/1 LOCAL NUMBER (US & CANADA) $205.00/mo
Number Transfer Transfer your Current Phone Number (one time fee) $39.00/each
Phone Number Additional Number (area code of your choice) $13.30/mo
Toll-Free Toll-free number (usage fees not included) $8.95/mo


  • Keep your phone number
  • No more busy signals with unlimited concurrent calls.
  • Choose any area codes available across the US and in many other countries
  • Save money on long distance and international calls
  • Improve your customer service and worker productivity
  • Get real time billing information anytime through your Call Detail Reports (CDR)
  • Access to local emergency services with e-911 dialing feature (service available for US & Canada only)

International Rates

  • International Rates vary from country to country and we will provide you with cost savings of 30% to 70% less than traditional telephone service providers.
  • An International rates sheet can be provided upon request.